US Zip Code Demographics

Pinpoint Demographics provides the most current, accurate and cost-effective US Zip Code Demographics on the population, consumer spending, retail business and services businesses estimates for each of the 32,000+ U.S. zip codes. Pinpoint’s proprietary economic model uses exponential regression analysis to estimate:

  • the population demographics in every U.S. zip code and broken down by gender, race, age, occupation, educational attainment and family income.
  • the consumer spending in every U.S. zip code and broken down by food and beverages, restaurants, housing, energy, household supplies and furnishings, personal services, entertainment, apparel, cars and transportation, healthcare, insurance, and education.
  • the retail businesses in every U.S. zip code. The number of establishments, total sales and employment are provided for 32 retail business categories including new car dealers, furniture stores, electronics stores, hardware stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, women’s clothing stores, department stores, book stores, hotels and fast food restaurants.
  • the services businesses in every U.S. zip code. The number of establishments, total sales and employment are provided for 25 services business categories including offices of lawyers, CPAs, engineering firms, graphic designers, consulting services, advertising agencies, offices of physicians, offices of dentists, home health care services and child day care centers.

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2013 America’s Neighborhoods-Population Demographics
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2013 America’s Neighborhoods-Consumer Spending
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2013 America’s Neighborhoods-Retail Businesses
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2013 America’s Neighborhoods-Service Businesses
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2013 America’s Neighborhoods-Complete Report
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We are confident you will find our data estimates useful in your business planning, market research and customer demographics projects!